Sun, May 12, 2024 5:00 PM –

Mon, Sep 30, 2024 5:00 PM (GMT+3)

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Sharjah Art Gallery

AUC Avenue, P.O. Box 74, New Cairo, 11835, Egypt


The Graphic Design program at the American University in Cairo is celebrating its tenth class of graduates with the exhibition. Our students work for a whole year researching and developing their ideas on themes such as Equality and Social Impact, Reimagining Cultural Heritage, Sustainability, and Future Experiences. 

CmdX is a computer shortcut used when you want to cut an item out of one environment and place it in another. In the case of our exhibition, the term carries several meanings.

It symbolizes the conclusion or cut of our students' time in academia. The X reflects the end of this chapter in their educational journey, marking their transition from students to professionals ready to make their mark on the world. But there is an extra special detail about this class, they are the tenth of designers to graduate from our program adding to a total of 359 majors. Thus, the X is also a Roman numeral highlighting a decade of graphic design graduates from AUC. The Command signifies their leadership role in the field of design, empowered to innovate, inspire, and effect positive change.

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