Financing Nature: Pro-Environmental Behavioral Change

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Mon, Sep 26, 2022

7 PM – 8 PM (GMT+2)

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Join this Gerhart Center Webinar Series session featuring Vian Sharif, founder, NatureAlpha, and global head of sustainability, FNZ Group. Today, nature degradation and exceeding planetary boundaries concerning natural capital is a systemic risk to economic stability and resilience. An estimated USD 44 trillion of economic value is threatened by biodiversity declines and ecosystem collapse – equal to over half of the world's total GDP. - World Economic Forum, 2021. The decline of biodiversity and the natural environment is a 'major structural risk to international stability and security.'- U.S. Intelligence Community's official Global Trends 2040 report. Alarmingly, a steep acceleration in degradation is occurring, with c. 1 million species currently at risk of extinction due to human activity, with declines in biodiversity threatening over 80% of SDG targets - IPBES, U.N., 2019.

Creating appropriate frameworks to collect, measure and report nature-related data is the next step in ensuring that we can make the right decisions in the future if we maintain the integrity of the environmental systems, which are the foundation of our world as we know it. And delivering that information is a gap that we believe can be bridged. This is because we stand at the nexus of three trends that could play a critical role in shaping the future of nature-related disclosures. 

First, awareness of our impact on the environment is being catalyzed globally. Secondly, regulators are acting, and business is taking note. But finally, the role of technology in harnessing and processing the insights required to inform decision-making is unprecedented. Combined with established peer-reviewed methodologies, rich historical data provided by the likes of IUCN and others, and the climate precedent, every institution is in a position to begin its journey of understanding their nature risk at a high level - with the promise of nature-positive change as this continues to evolve.


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Vian Sharif



Vian Sharif is the founder of nature and biodiversity insights platform NatureAlpha, and head of sustainability at FNZ Group. She leads the development of innovative technology solutions across financial platforms to catalyze the shift to more sustainable capital allocations and, ultimately, a more sustainable world, working closely with academics and scientists from leading global institutions. Before this, she spent over a decade at global asset manager Investec. As part of several governmental and international sustainability advisory groups, she was a member of the Taskforce for Nature Related Disclosures Technical Experts Group and the U.K. Government's Business Advisory group for the Convention on Biodiversity. She is a founding member of the Taskforce for Nature Markets and a board member of Nature Finance.

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