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Water Scarcity: The Convergence of Water, Food and Climate Security in Egypt and the MENA Region

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Lecture Sustainability Water Agriculture

Tue, Nov 16, 2021

5 PM – 7 PM (GMT+2)

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Stage Garden- AUC Tahrir Square



Water scarcity remains a crucial challenge for agricultural development in the MENA region, including Egypt. Scarcity is rapidly growing due to climate change and rapid increases in water demand for other uses. Considering that the agri-food system provides critical cushioning for economic growth, jobs, and household income, it is paramount that more consideration is given to the vital role of water security in the future of Egypt’s food systems as climate change takes hold. With agriculture utilizing over 80% of Egypt’s water resources, meeting these challenges will require bold actions and new mindsets directed at transforming water and food systems to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals while building resilience to climate change.  

Positioned in one of the most water-scarce regions globally, Egypt faces a plethora of challenges regarding water and food security. These challenges are being exacerbated by water risks and uncertainties that are increasingly amplified by climate change, and that must be addressed in conjunction with rapid population growth and the country’s economic development aspirations. Egypt is at a crossroads on its path of socio-economic development, with choices to be made on water planning, investment and management and how these align with agricultural and food policies. This lecture examines the new paradigm shift in Egypt’s water landscape and how new policies affecting the water sector will shape future water, food and climate security.


Mark Smith's profile photo

Mark Smith

Director General

International Water Management Institute

Mark Smith was appointed Director General of IWMI by its Board of Governors commencing 17 August 2020. Smith, formerly IWMI’s Deputy Director General – Research for Development, brings more than 25 years of research and program management experience in water resources, agriculture, climate and sustainability. He was formerly Director – Global Water Programme, and Manager for Organizational Change at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and a Governor at the World Water Council. He has led innovative, multi-regional programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America addressing river basin management, climate change adaptation and nature-based solutions, and transboundary cooperation in water management.

He has a doctorate in ecology and resource management from the University of Edinburgh and a master’s in climatology from the University of Guelph.

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