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Engaging the Big Questions: A Talk with Elizabeth Crisp Crawford

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Thu, Apr 15, 2021

4 PM – 5 PM (GMT+2)

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AUC Avenue, P.O. Box 74, New Cairo, 11835, Egypt

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In this episode of Engaging the Big Questions we will ask Dr. Elizabeth Crisp Crawford: How the Tobacco Advertising Industry Targeted College Colleges: Cigarette Advertising in Student Media, 1920-1980. 

The Academy of Liberal Arts Integrative Learning Initiative invites you to join us for a talk with Dr. Elizabeth Crisp Crawford, author of Tobacco Goes to College: Cigarette Advertising in Student Media, 1920-1980. Dr. Crawford positions her book as a work of history on the subject she claims “deserves our attention because of the advertisers’ ability to control the media they supported, our criticism because of the dangerous product they advocated, and our admiration because of their quality and innovation” (p. 5). In one of her final points, Crawford establishes with extensive research how the inventiveness of the tobacco advertising industry was one of the most effective yet dangerously unhealthy marketing practices in history.



AUC Avenue, P.O. Box 74, New Cairo, 11835, Egypt


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Elizabeth Crawford

Elizabeth Crisp Crawford (Ph.D. University of Tennessee) is an advertising professor in the Department of Communication and an affiliated faculty member in the Department of Visual Arts at North Dakota State University. She teaches media planning, creative strategies, consumer behavior, and advertising campaigns. Her research stream focuses consumer identity and co-creation of advertising messaging and design, particularly in the digital media environment. In addition to researching messaging strategy, she is interested in how advertising constitutes a form of consumer-focused art. Her research has been published in a variety of journals that span business, communication, economics, and advertising. Her research has been accepted for publication in venues such as the Journal of Interactive Advertising, Current Research & Issues in Advertising, Journal of Radio and Audio Media, Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, Social Marketing Quarterly, and the International Journal of Selection and Assessment.  

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